New York Comic Con 2013: On Art, Oddities, and Decorum

A New York Comic Con Attendee
Gets His Sweet Transvestite on
Outside the Javits Center
(Photo: Paul Niemi)
I never really had the desire to attend Comic Com before.  Don’t get me wrong. Pop art, graphic design, low brow and street art aren’t lost on me. But, I have never been a comic book fan.  Watching cartoons was a regular habit even into my high school years, but expelling energy on reading thought bubbles to figure out the plotline of a comic book has always seemed a little silly to me. Gaming escapes me as well.

Luckily, you don’t have to know anything about comic books to enjoy Comic Com.  I found that out when I had the opportunity spend two days at New York Comic Con at the Javits Center in Manhattan this past weekend.
Things that surprised me:  This is an event for the entire family. That hit home when I saw a mama Wonder Woman, a Flash daddy and infant Flash…so cute were they! There was actual original art, not just comic prints and drawings, available for purchase.  In general, you could purchase high-quality copies and limited edition prints for $10 to $20.   The number of comic book artists drawing and signing in Artists’ Alley in the Javits Center North was impressive.  There were so many people, it was nearly impossible to check them all out.  It was fun to see the enthusiam on the faces of people of all ages who really had a passion for and knowledge of the artists’s work.

Brooklyn-based Illustrative Artist
Drew Morrison Offered Up Art Prints
Featuring Strange and Charming Characters
(Photo: Paul Niemi)
On the main floor, I connected with illustrative prints by artists Drew Morrison and Alex Kirzhner.  Kirzhner offered a wonderful signed and numbered print of Edward Scisssorhands.  Morrison has created quirky illustrative worlds with interesting characters that have a strange but alluring charm. 

With thousands and thousands of people milling about Comic Con, it was amazing how calm things were and how friendly and polite people were.  Even the people who were turned away for presenting invalid entrance badges they purchased from scalpers on the street seemed to keep their cool.  I have been to many events at the Javits Center, and walking around was such a breeze.   It was fun to snap pics of people dressed as everyone’s favorite superheroes, comic book characters and film and book personalities.  While not all costumes were of the highest quality or worthy of praise, I give everyone an A+ for having the guts to show up!

To experience New York Comic Con, watch my video HERE!

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