‘Surveying’ the Landscape at Affordable Art Fair NYC 2013 Fall Edition

Pop Art by Francois Coorens
Available Through Vogelsang Gallery
Recently, I made a pact with myself that was I was going to spend my free time doing meaningful things.  Everyone who knows me well understands that fine art is my passion.  That is why whenever I can, I make sure I am anywhere IT is.  With all the seeming ugliness in the world, this ensures my surroundings are beautified wherever my journeys take me!
Argentinian Artist
Ulises Baine with
One of His Pieces

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to work as an art fair assistant for Affordable Art Fair NYC at The Tunnel in Chelsea.  It is a volunteer position, but I would never treat it as such.  Working the fair from the inside is a great way to meet others who share my passion as well as keep myself busy.  Actually, these days, I’d rather work for fun because they are one in the same to me. I’m a natural networker, so the real enjoyment is making real connections with people and finding out how I can work with them in the future.  From manning the exhibitor storage and patron check-in desks, to convincing visitors to take surveys and everything in between, I had a great time racing about and learning.


“Under Construction”
Liquid Paper/Ink/Clothing Dye
Collage on Delineated Canvas
by Dionne Simpson

Despite the swollen feet and exhaustion, though, it’s a total blast and not all business.  Admidst the craziness, there’s even time to get to know your colleagues, share a slice of pizza and make some friends too!

Of course the best part of the Affordable Art Fair is seeing some of the most fabulous art from around the region and the world.  I enjoyed discovering pieces by Francois Coorens, Ulises Baine, Dionne Simpson, Courtney Raney, Gian Piero Gasparini, Ricardo Cony Etchart and so many more!  Watch my recap video HERE!


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