Etling and Kolitsopoulos Headline Infrared Photography, Lithograph and Drawing Show in NYC’s Chelsea District

“When I was a child, I was fascinated by the old family photos
at my grandmothers house…the magical quality of photography, its ability to freeze time and preserve the past.” –Photographer Jackie Etling

“Versailles Forest” by Jackie Etling

When I experience fine art, I like to do it in places filled with as little pretense as possible.  I also love to meet sincere people who are so filled up full with a true awareness of who they are that it comes across in their work and when they interact with others.  Smoke and mirrors in some instances is very entertaining, especially if nice wine flows freely and there’s a decent food spread, but I’ll leave that for those who are more interested in the party than looking at great art. 

In 2008, I started blogging about art.  One of the first New York City venues I was introduced to was the Pleiades Gallery in Chelsea.  The space is simple, but there is always a wonderful variety of work to be seen there. Most importantly, you always meet “fully present” people there.  According to the gallery web site, Pleiades was founded in 1974 and is “one of the oldest and most successful artist run galleries in the country.”   Its membership, which is comprised completely of established, well-known, as well as emerging artists whose work has earned the respect of their peers, upholds a rigorous jurying process to welcome new artists into the fold.

I am excited to head back to Chelseathis coming Saturday evening, October 5  for the opening reception for “Works on Paper, Lithographs, Drawings and Watercolors by Sheryl Ruth Kolitsopoulos” as well as “The Language of Trees,” photographs by Jackie Etling.   Both share billing for the member show that opened on October 1 and runs through October 26.  

I love a good drawing, and those who have mastered them captivate me.  Kolitsopoulos’s work is based on the simple moments in life.  Her pieces capture people mid-action, and she shares the very personal world she has created in her mind with the spectator on paper.  Undoubtedly, collectors will find something very special to purchase from her body of work.  You can learn more about the artist at

Since I have spent considerable time in New Mexico, I am particularly excited about getting to know the work of East Coast and Santa Fe, New Mexico favorite Jackie Etling up close.  This time around, the Pleiades Gallery Vice President will feature works that explore and capture the “transcendent essence” of one of nature’s most mystical living things–the tree. While Etling is lauded for her work in both black and white and color, her latest body of work utilizes infrared photography that picks up the infrared end of  the light spectrum.  When outdoor images are shot, the camera detects the infrared light given off by plant life.  The end result is a subject that appears “ethereal and other worldly,” according to the artist.  Her work for this show is derived from photos taken during visits to Europe, the American Southwest, as well as New England.  For more information about Etling, visit
The Pleiades Gallery is located at 530 W. 25th Street, 4th floor, New York City. Visit

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